MR Designworx Free Papercraft Sun Visors!

One of the most common questions I'm asked "I need a sun visor for my tablet, what do you recommend". I have been making my own out of Coroplast which are pain to ship and I don't have the equipment yet to make them for bigger tablets. Because of this I decided to design my own paper craft visor that is freely available to everyone! Im posting two versions, a larger one designed around the iPad air, and a smaller one that is designed around the iPad mini. This visor is designed to work it the Phantom 3 or Inspire 1 stock clamp so you don't need anything extra. Use a die cutter or print it out and cut it out by hand. It works fine with poster board or any material that is thin and semi stiff.

I look forward to seeing what people come up with!

Building a business with 3d printers.

MR Designworx is one half of my life. The other half is running a 50 person company. The only way I can do both is to treat 3d printers and my robotic employees that do my bidding while I am away. I Spend a lot of time designing objects to they print clean and wasted a lot of time messing around with equipment that wasn't up to the task. This summer I have spent far too much time inside solving these problems. Along the way I have picked up a lot of knowledge of things that work and don't work. This place is to share that information as well as review anything I think will people.